Yard Tour Vol. 1

Your Home, Knoxville, TN

Basically, you can choose a song and I will come play a song from the street to your house. It can be a song that I have written, it can be a song from my extensive cover song list (www.redbeardknoxville.com/songmenu) or it can be a custom song that you order from www.ShopSongGarage.com... Either way, this is a first pass at a thing. I'm limiting it to 15 people for this first pass. If there's more demand, I'll do this again. If there is less demand, I probably will not. Just brainstorming ways to keep affording to live.

If you want to tip me more, then you can via:

Venmo: @AdeemTheArtist PayPal: AdeemBin@Gmail.com CashApp: $AdeemTheArtist