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This is the website of Adeem Maria, (the Artist), on a march towards actualization. Adeem is a seventh-generation Carolinian, a makeshift poet, singer-songwriter, storyteller, and blue-collar Artist. They reside in the hills of East Tennessee with their wife, visual-artist High Five Hannie, toddler, and two small cats where they write & record music while perfecting their garlic pizza recipe.

Their new album Cast-Iron Pansexual release March 5th, 2021 on Bandcamp and is now streaming everywhere. Garnering over 2,000 streams on the first day, Rolling Stone says, "[it] lives up to its title with explorations of sexuality and gender expression that are equally clever and poignant." 

It's a work of inward reflection, using songwriting as a tool to process cultural trauma and explore identity in Queer culture, Religion, Apostasy, and in relationship with the archetypal ruins of the Southeast United States.

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