Hello again, hillbillies & heathens of the Free World. I’m writing to you here because, for better or worse, I find myself with my hands extended once again asking, “Do you want me to do another one?” I’ve got a stack of 20 fresh pieces of art from my buddy Troy Dunn and an itch in my soul. 

Two years ago, I was very hesitant to raise funds for an album during a time that was (& is) such an existential and financial burden on so many people. However, I had written a collection of songs that I believed were important &, in a lot of ways, I still do. I assembled a group of absolutely incredible musicians to bring these songs to life and with the help of Kyle Crownover and Robbie Artress, we were able to birth White Trash Revelry. 

To offset the feeling that I was unfairly asking for too much money, I set my sights on the Redneck Fundraiser: what if I asked 15,000 people for only $1? That would give me enough to bring the vision to life and promote it. It also didn’t feel like much of an ask. So, I started doing that and accepting donations via Venmo, CashApp, & PayPal.

It took us a year to get the album out & available to everyone and within a month of release, we wound up on best of lists from Billboard, Stereogum, NPR, Folk Alley, Holler, Alternative Press, & others while getting recognition from Spectrum Pulse & Anthony Fantano. Brandi Carlile called me one of the best writers in Roots Music. John Darnielle took me on tour. Ray Wylie Hubbard told me he was proud of me. It. Was. A. Fucking. Year. Dude. 

But now I’ve got a fresh batch of tunes and I want to release them out in the wild again. It’s a collection that builds on the foundation of White Trash Revelry as far as it’s exploration of my journey through the human experience but moves into heavier existential ground, much like I did when my family relocated to Syracuse, NY in 2003. 

All the weirdness of falling in love, causing & working to repair harm, financial instability, marrying an INFJ, entering parenthood, watching one community of which I am Part & Parcel antagonize & criminalize another of which I am Part & Parcel, country bops for the Queer Experience, confronting the history of racial violence that I was born into, orbiting the trauma that perpetuates war; it’s a big series of snapshots that I’m proud of. 

Like last time, I’ve assembled an all-star band of people that I was dying to work with, a dear producer friend of mine who is gonna blow your minds, & I think we’re gonna do a better job to beat that ONE YEAR turnaround time that really had me itching my knees for too many months. Wait, that’s not a saying at all.

Anyways, we’re asking for $20,000 this time which is… LOL… just an insane amount of money to spend on a record, I know. For the first several years of mine and Hannie’s marriage, we didn’t make that much in a year between the two of us. It’s not lost on me how big this ask is but that’s why we’re doing it this way again… 

And rather than asking for 6 Quarters from 15,000 people, we’re going to extend the reach and ask 20,000 people to donate 4 quarters. Partly because the $1 ask feels so important to gauging what level of interest we even have for putting out a record and partly because I started a Record Label called Four Quarters Records and I want to honor that conceptually. 

Please, never consider making yourself uncomfortable financially to support what I do. I never, ever want that. If you’re able to contribute $1, then please shoot it our way either via Venmo, Cashapp, PayPal, for even by mail. If you want to give more because there’s a bigger amount that feels like giving $1 does to most of my friends, then hell yes be my guest. 

After you’ve donated, please fill out the form below so we make sure to get you in the accompanying printed materials to say thank you!


We have launched the SPREADneck Fundraiser (a follow-up campaign to the Redneck Fundraiser that aims to fund a new album) & have 20 fresh pieces of art to share for every $1k we're able to raise!

  • On day 1 of the SPREADneck Fundraiser, y'all sent in a total of $3,440 & we released three pieces of original art by Troy Dunn in celebration of those markers. 
  • Day 2 brought us over the 5k mark & we released FIVE total TD pieces!
  • Day 3 we reached 34% of our goal & the sixth art piece revealed
  • Day 4 brought us up to 35% and just narrowly edged over 7k revealing another card!
  • Day 5 we crossed the first threshhold of 500 donations on our quest for 20,000 contributors!
  • Day 6 brought the total to 48% still the only famous person gave was BJ Barham. We crossed the 9k mark and released 2 more cards!
  • Day 7- 57%!! Over halfway in week 1 feels huge! 2 more cards revealed including The Past card which I have tattooed on my leg.
  • On day 8 we're looking at 60%- still under 1k contributions- one card was flipped over!
  • Day 9- 67% of early goal- 852 total donations so far, one more card!
  • On day 10, we're up to 915 total donations & 73% of the goal with 14 total art pieces revealed!
  • Day 11- 77%, we crossed the 15k mark & flipped over our tour mobile: the 2017 Toyota Prius V
  • Day 12- 79! towards the goal! Over 1k donors! 
  • Day 13- 85% reached! 2 more cards revealed!
  • Day 14- 88%!
  • Day 15- 89% there- going to take a break from promoting this as much but will continue the updates
  • Day 16- 90%, one card revealed!
  • Day 17- 91%!
  • Day 18- 92%!
  • Day 19- 93%
  • Day 20 & 21- no big growth, mostly took off from promoting this for a week because I was feeling overwhelmed!
  • Day 22- 101%!! We unlocked some stretch goals with 5 additional pieces of artwork, having crossed the threshold on 20k! 
  • Day 23- 104! of the goal!
  • Day 24, 25, & 27- 106% We reveal a new card!
  • Day 28- 118%! Final count is $23,911 dollars from 1,427 people. Thank you so much for making this happen, y'all. God dang!


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