The Redneck Fundraiser: We did it!!

I was hesitant to raise funds for an album during a time that is such an existential and financial burden on so many people. However, I have written a collection of songs that I believe are important. I've assembled a group of absolutely incredible musicians to bring these songs to life and a producer & engineer who are excellent for the task.

To offset the feeling that I am unfairly asking for too much money, I set my sights on the Redneck Fundraiser: what if I ask 15,000 people for only $1? That would give me enough to bring the vision to life and promote it. It also doesn't feel like much of an ask. So, I started doing that and accepting donations via Venmo, CashApp, & PayPal.

The album is now fully funded and well on its way to a Fall 2022 release. We are nearly complete with the recording process and I'm beside myself with how incredible everything is turning out and by the excellent energy being poured into this. The team behind this has been so amazing & supportive. I'm very proud of the songs, the production, & the misfit band that came together beautifully to give them life. 

What I can say so far is that there are 11 songs on the album, that it deals heavily with class consciousness in the rural south, apostasy, generational trauma, racism, and politics and it does so with fevered passion & unfettered sincerity. It is also, notably, full of bops. I'm continuing to accept donations until the book is finished and ready to press so if you still want to donate, feel free but don't put yourself out! This thing is happening now!


The album is now fully funded and I have a budget for releasing the album once it's finished being mastered. We're currently fleshing out our strategy and getting ready to do some touring in the fall. I am hoping to use the subscription model to sustain myself until we get to that point. That said, if you still want to contribute to this old chunk of coal, please consider throwing in on my Patreon page so I can afford to exist and keep making quality music. 



What's your Venmo handled?

It's @AdeemTheArtist

What's your CashApp handle?

That one is $AdeemTheArtist - though at this point I'd really appreciate if you'd consider contributing via Patreon instead!

Can you accept my $1 through PayPal?

I can! You can send it through the link above but at this point, I'd really appreciate if you'd consider contributing via Patreon instead!

Can I send you more than $1?

Yeah, for sure- if that feels comfortable! I'm intending to send a copy of the record to everyone who contributes $50 or more because I have to find some way to say thank you to the handful of folks who have given real big. I don't want to put anybody out but if you believe in it and you have more disposable income, I won't say no to you.

Is there another way I can send you cash or a check?

Hey, surprisingly enough... there is. You can make checks payable to Kyle Bingham (government name, baby!) & you can mail either to

Adeem Maria | PO Box 27724 | Knoxville, TN 37927