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  1. Good Evening


​​​good evening
you're a fine looking group
and your faces make expressions
​that decide which songs I'm going to do

in this dark inner observatory
it's a fine night for sharing songs and stories
like this one time when I was still young
I mean- I'm still young now
but I was younger when this happened...
I sang a song that was quite similar to this one

and when I sang the words
they scattered like a flock of birds in mid-September
frightened by some shotgun blast

but no one heard me
​do you hear me at all?

sometimes I think about the people in the towers
playing games on their computers
unaware and unconcerned

in the moments just before the fire and screaming
they are all up there
daydreaming of the weekend or a Friday night

at any moment we'll be dying
I've got maybe 22,000 nights 'til I am old
and I am lying in my own waste with my daughter by my side

and she is old too

and she's not born yet as I'm writing this to you
​what does any of this mean?
what should I do to make these moments matter?
moonlight scatters on the ashes of this small life

I am flattered to be anything at all

sometimes I think about the day when we are parents
standing there with Hannah
looking in our infants eyes

we are all tracks on a CD of fleeting moments
this is your life so own it
​it's important that you are here​