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  1. Arrested


I laid there with my belly on the asphalt
​an oil stained portrait framed by cigarettes
I was arrested
by the sight of you

standing on the corner,
you were naked in that hand-me-down dress

fountain pen I lifted from the diner
gives me free coffee once a week

I drew a picture of the way you made me feel that day
on a yellowed receipt

It looked like a fire-engine being eaten
by a tyrannosaurus-rex
but you said it was perfect
and described your unique relationship to the cosmos
in a way no ideology or philosophy had ever properly done before

oh hipster girl in the old city
you remind me of Brenda in the 60's
why don't you have coffee with me one of these days?

moonshine breakfast
rise up early
sun come up on TVA
I was arrested by a memory
talked to Brenda all day

​it must have looked like I was crazy
but she hears every word
her brother Michael told me that-
he tells me that

enter winter / weeks of isolation
stores don't open, sleep comes hard
hipster girl got a side-cut
she don't look like Brenda no more

oh hipster girl in the old city
you took my Brenda from me
I'll throw words violently at you

I raise hell as you walk across Jackson
cop car parked just in between
I was arrested
by my own confusion

​shot down by the police.