Adeem Maria is a seventh-generation Carolinian, a makeshift poet, singer-songwriter, storyteller, and blue-collar Artist. They began toiling at their instrument in 2002 when their family relocated to Syracuse, NY and used songwriting as a vehicle with which to process the ensuing culture shock, their faith, and later their journey through apostasy.

Blending a homegrown affection for Country Music with the emotional turmoil of alternative folk in the early aughts, they have created a unique brand of Americana that pays homage to John Prine and John Darnielle (of The Mountain Goats) in equal parts. Imbued with the ancestral traces of southern music and colored by a palette ranging from lo-fi anti-folk to post-punk, the songs traverse the vast compass of human emotion.

With humor and wit, Adeem weaves a rich tapestry of words in each song; exploring the sparse corners of Appalachia with a trembling vulnerability and a wry joke. Whether opining on the disparity of “hooch” and “booch” in the collision of generations or straddling the duality of being a “blue collar boy” who is a “complicated dame,” Adeem excavates unwonted stories of the forgotten south. 


"Every word is perfectly placed, and every line shows us the three-dimensional workings of a human soul."


- Rachel Cholst | Adobe & Teardrops


"[Adeem the Artist] writes about the questions in a pensive Americana style. [Their] songs will both comfort you and challenge you."

- American Songwriter


"[Their] words are disarmingly sincere, not melodramatic or overly sentimental but instead forged from that peculiar kind of earnestness which makes you feel comfortable, the sense that someone is willing to listen."

- Jon Doyle | Wake The Deaf


"[Adeem] is both comedic and dark at times. [They] play the acoustic guitar and, technically, would be considered folk but don't expect the usual niceties of the folk movement to come to the fore, certainly not the current breed."

- D.W. Dunphy | Pop Dose


"If it sounds real, that's what it is and that's what I dig about Adeem."

- Roger Alan Wade


"...wholly original. Call it indie-pop or folk rock, but it's a fully fleshed-out vision of [Adeem's] quirky, often funny, always poignant songwriting." 

- Steve Wildsmith | The Daily Times


"Adeem habitually references [their] own moniker as “pretentious” on stage when introducing themself in local venues, but ‘The Artist’ is an apt title for someone who goes the extra mile to constantly evolve, challenge themself and their listeners, and make art of life."

Luke Brogden | Blank News